Since 2006, chef restaurant Keyara has been housed in the familiar windmill in Jerusalem's Rehavia neighborhood. The restaurant is Kasher Le'Mehadrin, under kashrut supervision from Agudat Yisrael. Its clientele is varied, and Keyara welcomes Jerusalemites, tourists from around the world, and both older and younger generations. And each and every diner receives a breathtaking and aesthetic culinary experience.
Light has a major role in the design of the roomy space, with its decorated windows and gorgeous light-fittings. The restaurant's name - Keyara – has several meanings: in Norwegian it means goddess, in Africa it is a wide river, and in Italian (spelled slightly differently)  it means enlightenment.
In Jerusalem Keyara is an upscale chef-restaurant specializing in kosher gourmet cuisine that draws on Mediterranean, European - and particularly French – cooking, and with a strong focus on premium meat. The specials change daily, and professional waiters gladly provide detailed explanations  and recommend the most suitable wines to match them.
Everyone at Keyara adheres to two guiding principles – each customer who enters the restaurant takes first place; and our mission is to give each and every customer an unforgettable culinary experience.
Chef Uri Shaked-Reshef orchestrates the menu that features contemporary, perfectly thought-out Israeli cuisine, and makes surprising use of selected Mediterranean raw materials that - inspired by French and Italian cuisine – are transformed into edible masterpieces. Among the recommended dishes: chicken liver pâté with sage, black pepper and crispy onions; tartar of seared red tuna with spicy mayonnaise, presented on rice and nori seaweed; salmon in a nut crust with a tapenade of Kalamata olives; and seared entrecote with a demi-glace sauce and shiitake mushrooms.
Keyara is happy to host lunchtime private events, with our signature touch, and organizes each event in the style that the customer requests – Italian, French or Moroccan – and in accordance with the nature of the event.

Business Card

talian, Meat, Gourmet, French, Chef's Restaurant, TAKE AWAY, European
ramban 8, jerusalem
Phone: 0539428628
Activity Hours:
Sun- Thu : 18:00 - 23:00
Price Per Diner
According to the menu
Payment Methods
Cash and credit